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I know the posts are still few and far between. It’s probably because the cats all have their own instagram accounts and we have too much fun posting there! I do still like to check in here every once in a while though. The spoiled brats were gifted a VERY […]

New Cat Tree!

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The toy box in the bedroom – an old shoe box – was getting a bit unruly. I decided that I would try and find something suitable for toy storage while out Christmas clearance shopping. I stumbled across these cute little bins at Target for just 0.90 each! I spent […]

There are NO spoiled cats here!

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I got a chance to play with the camera yesterday and Doby was being the cutest little subject to photograph!

Handsome Doby!

meeting of the minds 102215
Recently the gang held a meeting to discuss how to prevent Dave from getting any work done. They tell me it was a successful meeting, as they report they did not see him near his desk for the rest of the day.

Meeting Of The Minds

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Wow. I said we had big news over a MONTH ago and I’m not following up on it until now? Oops. In any case – meet Doby and Ginger!! Doby and Ginger came to live with us August 29th. They came out of a hoarding situation and the shelter wanted […]

Meet Doby & Ginger!

Sylvester 090315
As much as Sylvester didn’t get along with Moosey, he just hasn’t been the same since she has been gone. Normal for the most part, but a bit mopey at times. It has been a rough year for all of us! We lost Rebel to cancer/age in October, Peyton to […]

Poor Guy Doesn’t Know What Hit Him

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Someone had a vet checkup yesterday and blood was drawn. I wasn’t there for this, but I hear it was QUITE the ordeal! Three vet techs, heavy gloves, lots of screaming, hissing, growling, and biting. One of the vet techs told Dave he would probably hide for the rest of […]

17 lbs of ANGRY