New Cat Tree!

I know the posts are still few and far between. It’s probably because the cats all have their own instagram accounts and we have too much fun posting there! I do still like to check in here every once in a while though.

The spoiled brats were gifted a VERY nice new cat tree yesterday. It’s about 6″ shorter than our previous cat tree, but the design is completely different. For one, Sylvester actually FITS!!

All three of them have been interested in it. Even Doby checked it out before Ginger chased him away. As I type this, Doby is happily sleeping in the cat bed at the bottom of the tree. That’s where he’s the happiest.

This face though!! Oh my goodness… such content! I think he’s happy to have someplace high to sleep where he’s not hanging over the edge of the platform.

new tree 070416 3


new tree 070416 4


new tree 070416 2


new tree 070416 1

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